Doing Services The Right Way

Doing Services The Right Way

Placing Your ADA Signs in Compliance to Regulations

One of the most common sign types used for identifying rooms with doors in office buildings, hospitals, schools, and businesses of all sizes are ADA door signs. If the building owner purchases and displays ADA signage, it is a simple and cheap way to achieve compliance with ADA standards.

It is the American Disability Act or ADA that have listed their standards that building owners have to comply with. The way to comply with these standards is to know where your ADA signs have to be located near doorways.

If the room has a single door, then the ADA sign should be mounted on the wall on the latch side of the door. This is the most convenient area for any signage to be found easily. This complies with ADA standards.

A room with double doors and with only one door leaf actively swinging, should have the sign mounted on the inactive side. The ADA sign has to be put in the door that is not being used to enter the area.

ADA signs should be put on the right wall of the right handed door of a double door which are both actively swinging.

If you have single doors and there is no space on the latch side to mount your ADA sign, then you can put it on the right side of the door.

If there is no wall space available for hanging signs on the latch side for single doors or the right door side for double doors, the nearest adjacent wall should be used.

Visiting buildings for the purpose of looking at examples of proper positions of ADA signs is a good way to learn the proper way of doing it. If you visit hospitals and office buildings, you will see examples of door sign locations for your guidance.

The location must be safe to mount your ADA sign of the room it is indicating. Those who will be entering these rooms must be kept clear of swinging doors while searching for rooms they want to find.

The ADA official guidelines indicate an 18″x18″ minimum floor measurement to e used. This is measured from the swing of the door edge to the center of the ADA lettering of the sign.

You will know that enough clearance has been allow with a 45 degree angel of opened door. The needed clearance for safe mounting is provided by the minimum measurement of 18 inches from the sign face to the right of the door swing.

If there is heavy foot traffic in the area, then you can choose to leave more space. To identify a room the sign should be kept close enough to the door.

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