3 Factors That Will Shape Metal Concerts After Covid

3 Factors That Will Shape Metal Concerts After Covid

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One of the most discussed topics after the world was hit by the covid-19 pandemic was the return to normalcy.

Social gatherings such as concerts and events were inevitably canceled as they posed a health hazard to people.

A cascade of convert 19 concert cancellations has led to canceling of concerts after concerts after concerts.

Health experts have also come forward and given their careful optimistic predictions that the normalcy that we all wish for not insight any soon.

However much, the economy has been gradually opened up but with stern measures to prevent the increase in the number of infections.

The metal concert community as well has experienced challenges as measures such as social distancing are considered to be a stretch while conducting and preparing for a concert.

People have looked into other options such as virtual concerts but for this, to work people need proper gear.

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Here are some of the factors that will shape how concerts; metal concerts specifically in the times to come, after the covid 19 pandemic storms down.

1.  Closure after the pandemic.

Metal craving fans who have been starved from the stadium and arena-sized live rock and roll will have to wait till the end of 2021.

These large-scaled wild events that feature the top metal artist will take some while to hit the road executives say.

Executives have also mentioned how the concert and touring industries will be the last industry to regain normalcy.

For concerts to be fully functioning again, individuals participating in the metal concerts have to be vaccinated.

You could imagine the amount of temperature check that has to be done, amount of sanitizing stands that need to be installed.

Worse yet, there is a need to be a protocol in place for a safe medical procedure in case there is a medical emergency.

Reports show that before the coronavirus pandemic, the live music, concert, and touring industry, especially in the metallic spectrum generates over $30 billion in revenue.

Now live music agencies are finding it difficult to organize tours around the country given there are different state laws that have been put up as the country slowly opens up.

For metal fans, this predicament comes as a silver lining as ticket prices to metal concerts are expected to fall.

Metal Superstars who were known to charge high prices for their tickets might lower down their prices.

Others might opt to explore low-cost options like offering various plans while still keeping their priciest seats high.

Organizing and executing a concert after the pandemic feels like breaking ground zero on an unfamiliar territory says, Producers and concert managers.

2.    Virtual concerts.

However, the lockdown has helped artists and innovators to be filled with creative innovations.

Metal artists such as Dave Grohl and Billie Joe Armstrong have hosted live performances from their living rooms.

Be it an online festival or Facebook live, it is safe to say that there is something for everyone in the metal fandom community.

There are several lists compiled with metal artist live online performances over the weeks which are updated constantly.

Now, no one can say they are missing out on concerts or festivals because of the cancellations caused by the coronavirus.

3.  Future after vaccine

Be sure to be on the look for upcoming in-person live events, the vaccines have come to the rescue.

By mid-fall, more people will have received the vaccine and a sense of safety will have settled in.

If you do not see your favorite metal artist or act booked in for a concert, just wait, there is some light at the end of the tunnel.


Renowned metal booking agents have come forward and predicted that the metal concert season will not possibly come back till late 2021.

It is safe to say that the Covid 19 pandemic has caused severe strain on people especially of the music concert community.

Hopefully, with time after everyone has received a covid-19 vaccine, things might come back to normalcy.

Before we cross that milestone experts say that people should look for other avenues that will enable us to connect without risking the spread of the virus.

The most important thing is that people remain safe since the virus is not a joke and has killed many people.

With the vaccine being administered, we will for sure see metal concerts again within no time.

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